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We offer you an industry's first, complete transaction oversight and control of all information backed with our experience and full premium service.


Home Seller Portal

Home Rehab Benefit

    Value Increase After Home Remodel & Staging
  • Average Price Increase16%

Days On Market

    Reduced Time To Sell
  • Time Required To Sell Reduced60%

Offers Received

    Amount of Offers Received Directly Through Seller Portal
  • Percentage of Confirmed Offers100%

Savings To Seller

    Cost Reduction of Commissions
  • Average Cost Reduction Benefit To Seller50%

A trusted home selling method.

We have developed the first dedicated home selling system. Designed to provide you all the technology in one simple system. Our exclusive Seller's Lounge Portal has been developed from the ground up to be the easiest most effective system for the home seller today..

No Listing Contract Required.

The world is changing fast and so are the old ways of doing business.
We strive to provide top level service with no strings attached. There is absolutely no worries for you with our no risk guarantee.

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Frequently asked questions

1Is your service a limited service or for sale by owner service?
We are not a limited service or for sale by owner program. We are a full service premium real estate service. We do not compromise with our services and only provide full service and beyond. Once you see most of our selling features you will be convinced as well.
2How do you increase the value through the Home Rehab Program?
The Home Rehab Program provides the funds required to remodel the property and prepare for better selling potential. The costs of the remodel are not increased and the homeowner will not incur any additional charges. This allows the homeowner to maximize the potential of their property without having the funds to remodel the house and only paying back for the actual base costs of the remodel after the final sale. In most cases the small investment made by the Rehab Program will produce much greater gains for the homeowner with no risk.
3What is the Home Value Audit?
We believe every property has incredible potential and most of the time during a sale this potential goes untapped. With our Home Value Audit we will analyze several points of value from you specific property. Some of the more important value points served are: - Property Census Tract Location that enables down payment assistance loans to low and moderate income families. This enables more demand for the home. - Physical characteristics: Properties with certain location and lot size are pre approved for accessory unit additions at low cost. In essence converting home into an income producing property. - High demand areas: In certain high demand areas market conditions allow for auction sales where the usual costs of selling the property are waived in favor of buyer paid auction systems reducing the costs to the sellers. - Market targeting: For every buyer a special home. Through very specific targeting we will couple the most unique features of your home to a very specific targeted buyer. Advanced marketing strategies allow us to find the perfect home for that buyer that is looking for a "corner house with a side yard entrance"
4What is the Seller's Lounge System?
This is what sets us apart. We are really proud of our ground breaking home selling system. We are offering you, the homeowner with tools never before made available before. The Seller's Lounge System offers you for the first time ever full control and accountability from everyone involved in the transaction. For the first time ever you will be able to oversee the actual requests to see your home. You will be able to provide or restrict access through your smart phone. You will be able to monitor live video streaming of showing appointment of your home when you are not there through your private streaming service. You will be able to receive offers from buyers and agents directly to you at your home seller portal at the same time your agent does. You will now be the gatekeeper of the information and will no longer be kept in the dark about all the possible offers made for your house. This prevents fraud and increases the amount of offers received and reviewed because more offers means more competition and better value to you. Open communication protocol maintains a communication log of all the calls, email and texts that pertain to the transaction for a more transparent transaction for all. Finally the seller portal where all the documents and communication are centralized to provide a smooth and clear transaction. We challenge you to find anything even remotely as robust and advanced as the Seller's Lounge System from any brokerage today.
5What are your listing fees?
Before we can discuss fees we have to be clear. Our service is so advanced and unmatched that we DO NOT require long term contracts or listing agreements. We believe in our product so strongly and once you see our services you will be convinced of this yourself. Ok, with that out of the way, our services are incredibly low. The usual commission fee is about 5%. We offer our full premium services at an astoundingly low 1%. We can do this for several reasons. We have designed our system to be efficient and simple. We also believe that technology has advanced enough that the old legacy forms of doing business in real estate no longer apply.